Palmares Abusive Gaming Second

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Palmares Abusive Gaming Second

Post by -InmBr- on Thu May 28, 2015 7:43 pm

1.Abusive Gaming Second VS Elite Hawks (de_cache 16-9)
2.Abusive Gaming Second VS Xtencer Gaming 7 (BO3=2-0 | de_dust2(16-9) de_inferno(16-9)
3.Abusive Gaming Second VS Venus Gaming (BO3=2-0 | de_inferno(16-11) de_mirage(21-15)
4.Abusive Gaming Second VS Venus Gaming (BO3=2-0 | de_cobblestone(16-7) de_dust2(16-3)
5.Abusive Gaming Second VS Frost Performance(FRF#) | de_mirage(16-0)
6.Abusive Gaming Second VS OnLyUs | de_inferno (16-1)

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